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1. Ring - Large stone s20 (Polygon)

2. Ring - Large (S2Q) multi-colour crystal cluster (Mix of Precious Stones & Star Fish) 

3. Ring - Large Convex ring (S2Q1) 

4. Ring - S2N Dual Stone 

5. Ring - Bird Skull & Precious stone

6. Ring - Giraffe & Precious Stone

7. Ring - Unicorn & Precious Stone

8. Ring - Shell & Precious Stone

9. Ring - Single Precious Stone


10. Wand - Amethyst


11. Bracelet - Large Titanium Quartz

Large cuff bracelet with titanium quartz set in electro-formed coated copper effectively joining the bracelet feature stone with the cuff.


12. Pendant-Amethyst stars and moon (lrg)


13. Necklace - Cinderella

Copper-set / electro-formed plaster with semi-precious stone and fairy-tale motifs emblematic of the Cinderella fable  $180

13. Necklace - Fish Tail

Copper-set / electro-formed plaster with semi-precious stones and crystals in the form of a fish tail $145 


14. Ring - Single Precious Stone


I specialise in making energy generating copper and sterling silver raw mineral and crystal jewelry. I try to make every piece unique, I love to think of my work as wearable pieces of art, that instead of hanging on a wall you can wear and take with you wherever you go to express your individualism. I use 100% reclaimed metals in all of my work as well as ethically sourced crystals and cabochons. For example all of my Australian Turquoise has been sourced and cut by local artisans a large majority of the rough comes from a man local to the central coast, Boris Branwhite, who uses the proceeds to fund his environmental endeavours such as regenerating previously though extinct orchid species and the American turquoise is sourced from American Indian Tribes who cut stones and sell them to support their tribes.

I try to use combinations of crystals that complement each other’s metaphysical properties. I also paint and sculpt and am currently working on a collection of mini sculptural pieces that incorporate all mediums. I work from my home studio in Lithgow, NSW where I live with my ever supportive family.


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