Joy, creativity, the process of total involvement with life... is what psychologist, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi refers to as ‘Flow’. Many artists claim that this ‘optimal experience’ plays a major role in the advancement of their own work. It is understood that the deep enjoyment ‘flow’ can provide also demands an equal degree of disciplined concentration.” The quest for creative flow was the inspiration for this new body of work.  Looking to the past I revisited locations where other artist’s claim to have experienced ‘flow’. From Lloyd Rees South Coast hills, to Edward Hopper’s

New York countryside and the cosmopolitan colour of Picasso’s Barcelona, I went searching for the triggers that sparked many a great masterpiece, especially those made when their creators were in their own state of ‘flow’. Applying these discoveries of self-expressed discipline to my own style of painting Fragmatism, my mission was to evolve my art practice both mentally and visually.  The results are the products of my practice. Getting lost in the ‘doing’ was not always a joy or abundance of self-expression. Many hours of ‘creating’ boil down to repeated actions and developing an understanding for ‘what not to do’. Through it all, I hope you can lose yourself, just a little, as you wander through my floating world of ‘Fragmatism’. Just like life, beauty is often wearing camouflage. Sometimes it takes a second look to see the what was really there all the time.


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