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1. Enduring - Time and Terrain (2019) Exhibition - Ceramics, 36cm x 25cm x 23cm.

2. Holding Ground - Time and Terrain (2019) - Ceramics, 36cm x 26cm x 20cm

3. Knowing - Time and Terrain (2019) Exhibition - Ceramics, 35cm x 25cm x 19cm


Maeve’s work is an expression of her experience of life, grounded in the body. This body of work focuses on where she is, living in an older body. Aging is not a process that is viewed with positivity in our culture; we don’t want to look aging in the face. We are constantly assaulted and pressured from all sides, telling us we can push aging away, not have the wrinkles, drooping breasts, sagging skin or the certainty of death. The work aims to challenge this view.

 As we age, time, experience and struggle make marks on the body and our consciousness, leaving open the opportunity to see that we are not separate from the trees, animals, earth and sky, just different manifestations of the same.


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